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Seawall Fiberglass Composite

Seawall Accessories
Fiberglass Sheet Pile, Fiberglass Composite Waler, Fiberglass Composite Fully Threaded Tie Rod, Non-Metallic Dome Nut and End Plate

Fiberglass Composite Fully Threaded Tie Rod, Non-Metallic Dome Nut and End Plate


SuperSlide Biodegradable Soy-Based Lubricant


SuperSlide is readily biodegradable soy-based release oil formulated with select US grown vegetable seed oils for use as a high performance release agent. Recommended for all types of forming and release applications. Highly effective on fiberglass sheet pile/seawalls and marine pilings.

Superior releasing properties increase productivity
Pleasant smelling for good operator acceptance
Non-staining formula
Biodegradable Friendly to the environment
Safe formula Contains no toxic chlorine or sulfur or regulated chemicals
Vegetable oil base reduces dermatitis
Made from renewable USA-grown crop-based vegetable oils
Easy clean-up

Seawall SuperStub Drain Pipe Connector



Seawall Cap Saver HDPE Wave Deflector
(also used in continuous lengths up to 12' for Seawall Waler Saver HDPE Wave and Boat Deflector)



Seawall Waler Savers HDPE Boat and Wave Deflector


Seawall Plastic Hex Flange Bolts and Nuts to attach cap to sheet pile
Seawall Select Plastic Lumber to splice SuperCap to SuperCap



SuperLoc™ Benefits

Composites have long been recognized for their light weight and incredible strength.
Offers a very high strength-to-weight ratio with panels weighing only 3-5 pounds per square foot.
The low weight translates into a reduction in handling, labor, and transportation costs by using less equipment and manpower.
SuperLoc™ Installation

Fiberglass sheet piling is installed using standard pile driving equipment. Low frequency vibratory hammers, plate tampers, air & diesel impact hammers, and water jetting are common methods of installation.
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