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Steel Sheet Pile

Our steel sheet pile is designed to work in both temporary and permanent applications. This piling is available in a variety of sizes and lengths (see specs below) and comes in overlapping and interlocking designs so you can choose the option that’s best for your project. It’s ideal for crowded sites and all sections can be used with Mabey’s walers.

Our steel sheet pile features include:

Overlapping sheets, an economical alternative to timber
Interlocking sheets for applications ranging from river bank protection to deep excavations
Sections available for rent or sale
Coated finish options available for sale

Model Width (in.) Thickness (in.) Height (in.) Weight (lbs./ft.) Weight
(lbs./sq. ft.)
Section Modulus
Medium Interlocking (S64) 27.75 0.25 5.91 33.9 14.70 7.89 cu. in./lin. ft.
Heavy Interlocking (CZ114) 24.02 0.335 13.39 46.83 23.40 31.60 cu. in./lin.


Sheet Pile Capping System
Our capping system allows you to support formwork for capping beams on permanent sheet piling works.

The system’s benefits include:

Quick set-up and easy movement
Pre-engineered system delivered ready to use, no cutting or welding needed on site
Saves money by eliminating waste of consumable materials like wood
Easily conforms to as-driven sheet pile and is available with brackets to cover a wide variety of sheet pile lengths
Enhances safety by providing working platform for site personnel with built-in walkway and guardrail
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