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Soil nailing, design and construction service

We offer a complete design and construct service using rotary and rotary percussive drilling methods to install both hollow and solid bar Soil Nails. A variety of plant is maintained in order to deal with the challenges of site conditions and productivity targets. With available development land becoming ever more costly, gaining usable space on steeply sloping sites is paramount.

Soil Nailing can offer the following benefits:

• Soil Nailing techniques are often an ideal solution, combined with Phi Group's range of facing products, yielding maximum space gains whilst working safely with significant height temporary earthworks profiles.
• Using top down construction methods, with each subsequent row of nails providing both temporary and long term support, the need for costly temporary works is avoided.
• Elimination of the need for expensive stone backfill imported to site.
• Existing structures and embankments can be stabilised without rebuilding, saving costs and maintaining serviceability, for example, existing railway embankments.
• Trees, vegetation or architectural features can often remain unaffected by soil nails, as the nails can be sited to pass around or between obstacles.

• Stabilising steep cuttings to maximise development space.
• The stabilising of existing over-steep embankments.
• Soil Nailing through existing concrete or masonry structures such as failing retaining walls and bridge abutments to provide long term stability without demolition and rebuild costs.
• Temporary support can be provided to excavations without the need for bulky and intrusive scaffold type temporary works solutions.

• Anchoring for sheet piles or other embedded retaining wall systems.
• Tie backs for general applications.
• Mini Piling.
• Slope Stabilisation.
• Cementitious grouting.
• Pressure pointing.

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