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Pile driving equipment-Sheet Pile

My experience has grown from having worked for a number of the major manufacturers of Steel Sheet Piling, to developing one of the largest and most successful Pile Driving and Steel Sheet Pile distributorships.

  • •  Deeper, wider, lighter, and priced to be competitive with used steel sheet pile.
  • •  I am currently quoting most competitive prices in the industry. SAVINGS OF 10% TO 20%.
  • •  BHS (Bulkhead Select) steel sheet pile is new steel sheet pile with guaranteed properties that are competitive in price with used steel sheet pile.
  1. •  Most used pile is actually thinner than original .375 thickness. BHS steel sheet pile is rolled to a guaranteed .375,.340, or .314 thickness saving as much as 10% to 33% in weight because BHS sections are deeper and wider and rolled to ASTM 572 Grade 50 specifications. BHS section can provide the Strength or (Section Modulus) equal too or greater than used sections.
  2. •  BHS steel sheet pile is rolled to exact lengths and quantities which can save an additional 5% or more.
  3. •  BHS pile sells at one of the lowest markups in the industry, passing the savings on to you.
  4. •  Piling and Equipment will assist you in the logistics of freight through a reputable logistics company at very competitive rates and you will be billed direct by the trucking company at the agreed-upon rate or you can pick up with your own trucks.
  5. •  Piling can generally be shipped from 3 days to 3 weeks.
  6. •  Piling can be inspected prior to shipment.

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