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AZ-800 sheet pile

It was a technical challenge for the mill and the R&D department. After an extensive development, numerical simulations, rolling trials, laboratory tests and in-situ driving tests, we are proud to unveil the geometry of the new sections. Compared to the existing range, the weight savings of an equivalent AZ-800 profile (comparing the equivalent elastic section modulus) may exceed 10%.


                                                                      AZ 20-800                                                                                         AZ 25-800

The move from the AZ-700 range is a logical step for the worldwide leader in hot-rolled sheet piles. Our priority is to pass on the benefits of our research to our customers to strengthen their competitiveness and allow for an additional value creation.

Advantages of the AZ-800 profiles:
wider & optimized geometry: less webs, higher profiles, with maximized thicknesses lead to lighter sheet piles;
faster installation time: the increased width of the AZ-800 sheet piles reduces the required number of profiles, which enables the contractor to finish the retaining wall faster due to gains in handling time;
suitable for all types of soil conditions;
excellent driveability;
can be driven with standard pile driving equipment.

The new AZ 50-700 is the worldwide strongest sheet pile, now available in 700 mm width. Compared to the existing AZ 50, the weight reduction is around 6%.

All the sheet piles are prefabricated high quality products, quality-checked at the plant before shipment. They are available in rolled-up and rolled-down sections, in high strength steel grades and are made from 100% recycled steel that can be re-used several times and recycled.

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