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Steel Manufacturing Process

Advanced cold form manufacturing processes utilizes proven press braking technology, allowing engineers to form a variety of precisely bent shapes from flat plates of cold rolled steel. Fortifying plates and clutch mechanisms are then carefully welded to the formed sheet pile to improve its structural durability. Due to the versatility of the end piles produced during this process, it is able to provide clients with a nearly limitless range of shapes and sizes to be used in a variety of larger projects. A variety of common press brake shapes are available, including "V", "U", rectangular and custom channels, each cut to fit the client's project requirements.

Cold Rolled Steel Sheet Piles
This, combined with additional cold form methods, we allows to produce accurately measured sheet piles as according to client specifications and quality standards. The cold rolling method uses multiple pairs of contoured rollers to progressively shape the flat rolled steel into the required sheet pile profile. Each pile of cold rolled steel is cut to match the requested length as it is completed and moves on from the production line.
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