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Hot rolled sheet piles

We offers both hot-rolled and cold-formed sheet piling. Hot-rolled steel is rougher than cold-rolled steel. It is obtained by profiling the steel with high temperatures during the rolling process. Hot-rolled steel is available in larger steel thicknesses than cold-formed steel: thicknesses up to far above 22mm are possible. Because of this large thickness, hot-rolled steel can be applied for long/heavy and massive damming constructions.

Hot rolled sheet piles:
- Z-sections
- U-sections
- Flat web sections

At request we can apply abrasive blasting to our hot-rolled sheet piles to remove corrosion. Subsequently, we can coat them to protect them against further rusting.

Do you need to know the most suitable type of sheet piling for your project? Just give us a call, we will be glad to help you.
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