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Ground Anchors

A ground anchor is a load transfer system designed to transfer the forces applied to it to a competent stratum. An anchor is generally said to be temporary if it has a lifespan of under 18 months and permanent if the lifespan is over 18 months.

It is a permanent anchorage formed using a single corrosion protected anchor, grouted within a Tube a Manchette (TaM) pipe, which is then grouted into the soil.

The TaM pipe acts as the second layer of corrosion protection whilst also facilitating the injection of grout into the surrounding soil.

The grout permeates into and consolidates the soil, permitting a greater bond strength between the soil and the TaM pipe that could not be otherwise achieved between the soil and the anchor alone.

The system provides a high level of corrosion resistance coupled with a high load pull out capacity.
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